Где производят высоковольтные

High Voltage Transformers

Oh, "Sil Cars, Toshiba." High-voluntary transformers are a joint venture (JS) of the UAO Force Machinery and Toshima Corporation. The project began in September 2011 with the signing of an agreement between companies to establish an SP and to build a factory in the Russian territory to manufacture and supply force transformers. The share of Silver Machines in SP is 50.1 per cent, the share of Toshima is 49.9 per cent.

At the start of the project, the enterprise received the name of the GS " Jordanian transformers " , but the parties later decided to rename the SP at the GS " Sil Cars - Toshima " . High-voluntary transformers. "

The establishment of the SP with the Toshima Corporation is part of the Business Strategy of Silva machines aimed at expanding the product nomenclature and creating energy-efficient and knowledge-intensive products for industry.

Start high voltage transformers Planned on the OAO " Silk Cars " in the Metallostroy Industrial Zone (St. Petersburg Kollin region), in close proximity to the new production complex of the company.

The main output of the plant is power transformers and motor transformers 110-750 kV of more than 25 MVAs, including in three phases.

The plant ' s design power is over 10,000 MVA per year.