Кабель в гофре

Cabelle In Goffre

The price per metre of cabling in the hofre shall be set by experienced professionals registered in Yudu at an affordable level. The order for their services is available on the Yudu website by simply filling out the application and selecting the appropriate perpetrator.

Advantages of professionals registered with Yudu

The masters who offer their services in Udu can store new cables on the ground, on land or air. Professionals will carry out all necessary work quickly and inexpensively.

Get your order from Yudu's performers, and you get:

  • the possibility of calling a master at any time
  • Minimum power line installation
  • Use of professional tools and proven consumables for electrical connections

Status of work

The installation of electrical wire is carried out by cable packing specialists registered in Yudu under all regulations and instructions. Masters have all the necessary access to work in the room and outside. Carbon at any height with special equipment. The tube is cut off quite easily with special fastening materials. Even underground, it's not a single decade worth it, so the gaffre wires are a profitable investment because you provide a reliable and durable cable line. With regard to the direct installation of the wiring in the harbour, the cable shall be placed in the pipe by leaking. This is done quickly and easily, and the elasticity of the horra can be managed with it without special work. It must be said that all the work with the electrical connections in this methodology is carried out very quickly.

Yudu will perform the following types of work:

  • Stocking and free
  • length of grape under clip or pull (kirpic, tree)
  • Installation of weak UTP wires in the wall
  • Electrical connections in Channel 5x6
  • hidden wire in the room

Specialists registered with Udu provide their services at a convenient time. Costs are based on CCC requirements and are available to all applicants.

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