Электрический кабель для

Cable In The Land

Most importantly, the need to lay electrical cable in a trench on a good plot arises if street lights on the poles are to be made or an electrical connection to the bathhouse. In this case, it is very important to comply with the standards (especially SNIP and PUE) and to take into account safety equipment in electrical installation. Next, we will bring technology to your attention. cables in land with your hands.
First, we need to tell you what normative documents can affect how you'll be wiping the electrical wires into the ground tranche. So, we recommend that the following restrictions be taken into account in accordance with the rules of the EIT, the SNIP and the GOST in electrical installation:

The depth of the cable in the land shall be at least 70 cm. If the length of the underground line is less than 5 metres and the electrical connection is additionally protected by the pipe, a conductor may be placed at a depth of 50 cm as shown in the picture.
A line is prohibited under the foundation of the house. The minimum distance from the foundation shall be 60 cm. If you need to move the cable from the house to the bathhouse (or other construction) through the foundation, you must protect the steel pipe transit line.
The distance between two cables in one tranche shall be not less than 10 cm, on which the width of the technological pit is chosen.
A minimum of 2 metres should be deviated from trees for the supply of electrical wires in trenches, and at least 75 cm from handicrafts. If you further organize the protection of the cable line with the pipe, this rule may be disregarded.
The distance from the plumbing and sewerage shall be more than 1 metre and not less than 2 metres from the gas tube.
If you don't cross the cable lines in the trench, the layer of land should be half-metre.
The conductor itself must be armoured, specially designed to lay underground. The bulbing layer is necessary to protect the electrical conductor from gratuums and mechanical damage.
If you've decided to put the cable through a special swan that swivels the drum, the mechanism needs to be further equipped with the limiter (CNP, 3.58). The restricting device enables the installation of the supply wire(s) so that the line is not stretched.
If the electrical cab connection underground is to be implemented on its own, use the special mufts as shown in the photo.
For further protection of the power line underground (for example, with strong ground runs), an asbole cable pipe or a special brick cable can be used (a trench transceiver as in the photo below). The use of an empty brick is strictly prohibited.
There is a need to put the signal ribbon on the ground with the words " Careful, cable! " .
Here we come to the basic question of the article, where we will see how to correctly plant the electrical cable in the ground with our strength. So that the instructions are convenient and understandable, we'll provide it in stages.

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