Электрические кабели

Electric Cables

Провода и кабель на опоре ВЛIn fact, all these electrical products are designed to achieve the overall objective: the transmission of electricity from the power source to the consumer. They shall perform their functions long and reliable without causing accidents and malfunctions.

The wires and cables work in all human practice sectors, where a closed circuit for electrical currents should be created, its losses should be eliminated through unforeseen leakages.

Because of the similarities of the issues addressed, many ordinary people do not distinguish them from one category.

Провода композитные из алюмомедиHowever, cables, wires and shoes operate in different operating conditions, are used in different sections of the electric current line, and differ in purpose. They therefore have different internal structures and structures.

Electrical transmission lines show cases where electricity is progressively transferred through air and cable, as shown in the photograph below.

The cable response to the air LAN is being created to meet the specific tasks required by local conditions.

Виды проводовElectric wire


It has the simplest structure of two parts:

1. Metal housing to create a path of electrical current;

2. a layer of insulation that excludes the flow of currents in an undesirable direction.

The insulation functions may be charged to the air surrounding the metal and not to a special sheath of polymers and dielectrics. In such a case, the wires shall be rotated and the wiring points with the components of the attachment to the inferior design shall be dielectric. They're called lockups.

Towing materials are most commonly produced by:

  • copper and alloys;
  • Aluminium.

To deal with specific tasks, producer housing from steel alloys, neuroma, other metals and even silver or gold may be used.

The building was alive.

It may be created from:

1. A complete conductor of a certain length;

2. or whine out of thin wires running parallel. Single wires are easier to manufacture. They are the most severe, used for the transmission of electrical energy in fixed fixation, well transmitted constant and low-frequency currents.

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