горячие провода и кабели

Traffic And Cables

The wires and cables. wires and cables play a major role in the electronics and key electrical equipment. Without them, the very existence of any electronic device, even the " advanced " , at a minimum, food, at a time when it does not have to be permanently wired. In general, the electronic, electrical and energy industry is not possible without wires and cables. In general, and all modern life! Therefore, in the purchase of wires, the choice of wire must be carefully considered. In a hurry, you can buy a wire, see that he has a low price, but he won't meet your technical requirements. Another situation is possible: the unnecessary " turnover " for some use. For example, it's completely redundant to put a whale cell phone on the side of category 6, and it's not gonna be any worse, but why overpaid like that?

The main points to be addressed in the choice are the type of cables: coaxial cable, whale, acoustic, power, etc. Second electrical and physical characteristics of the cab, frequency range, section, wave resistance, insulation resistance to electrical probe and the environment, etc. Then, by defining the type and characteristics, it is worth drawing attention to the price, because there are many alternatives to any choice.

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