кабель четырехжильный

4-String Cable

Our company deals with the sale of various stamps of four-rigged cables from warehouses located throughout Russia or under a production order. Cabelle.RF specialists know all about this product, so you're well advised in choosing four-wheel cables in accordance with technical requirements, will help deliver timely delivery and select the appropriate mode of transport.

The four-wheel cables are designed to provide fixed power grids for the transmission and distribution of electrical energy with a rated voltage of not more than 1 kV with a frequency of up to 50 Hz, as well as subscriptions, fixed connections of electrical appliances or machines to feed networks. In addition, the four-strong cables are used for the organization of lighting networks, including those that can be used on shore installations or river or sea fleet vessels, the flexible accession of energy sources to various mobile mechanisms, including mining undergrounds, with repeated flexibilities and extension efforts. The cables of four dwellings can be used to connect water-borne equipment, make thermocouple and join them. measuring instrumentsthe connections of various sensors operated under extreme conditions and lines for which analog and digital signals are transmitted in communications and telecommunications systems. Separate stamps provide fire or safety signals, forced smoke disposal systems and automatic fire extinguishing, as well as the connection of equipment which should be maintained even during the fire. Four housing cables may be operated at a temperature between -220 °C and +1000 °C.

Depending on the design of the four-layer cab, its monolithic or multi-voluntary housing units are constructed of aluminium, copper, nickel, copper, copper, aluminium, copper, wires or wires from special alloys, including precious. The four-wheel cables are produced with round or sectoral housing. The materials used for isolation are cable paper, rubber, flock, polyvinyl chloride plate, mineral fillers, polymer composites, and ceramo-forming organismic rubber.