Инфо: Куплю кабель москва

Wet Cable

Cable WVHng is a power cable designed to operate up to 1,000V not supporting combustion.

The safety of the plumbing in the dwelling depends primarily on the quality of the cab. An ideal solution for the laying of household networks would be Buy VH In our company with a good discount. Rapid delivery on Moscow (including Zelenograd), Moscow province and all regions of Russia.

(GAS and TC)


Rational choice of WHung wire

Abbreviatura WHng is decoding.

  • B is the polyvinyl chloride of the conductor.
  • B is polyvinyl chloride chekhol cable.
  • G - " Golo " , i.e. lack of additional specialized protective cheques in the VHung cabin
  • NH is not a burner.

The multi-layer isolation of PVC cable is resistant to the aggressive effects of clay and acid, but it is not recommended that solar beams be directly present.

Diluted overload parameters:

  • Insulation sample up to 3, 5 kV;
  • Exceeding the flow current to the nominal value to 1, 5 times, causing heating to 70 degrees, but the shell shall not be damaged;
  • polyvinyl chloride plastic used as an insulation shall not be flammable to 250 degrees, which allows the non-combustible communication to be packed with a Gong beam.

Design parameters

The NGV is manufactured with both single wires and multiple wires (two to five). Double cables have an equal section and 3-5 housing units may have one less section conductor used for landing.

Lives are made of grade 1 or 2 media, and small sections take a round form and, with a significant increase in the section, have a sectoral form that reduces the overall diameter of the cable and increases its strength.

Each HVH ng has an individual protective polyvinyl chloride envelope marked with colour.

Isolated conductors are linked to the canat and implanted polyvinyl chloride by a protective common chemist, which provides mechanical protection for the entire cab. In the case of the electrical motorways, the VVG ng cable cannot be overthrowed or bending by a radius of less than 15 diameters of the cab itself. Failure to do so results in an undetected length of the PVC-colour with its intensification in the bending area, which reduces its working load capacity on the sample, which increases the probability of a cab during overloading.