Бестраншейная прокладка кабеля


The digitized pipes are used for the construction of power lines and low-to-point lines of the hidden type inside buildings and structures. Thanks to the flexibility of the pipe, the cabling is carried out with minimal labourers and does not require any additional accessories.

The digitized pipes are manufactured at the IEK production site in Tul province.

The product is a self-destructive PVC that prevents the emergence of a fire in a short circuit. The presence of a metal umbrella (length) throughout the length of the horrobut facilitates the passage of the cable after installation.

The PVC hyphreated pipe, 10 to 100 metres long, shall be packed in a buoy covered with a sealed thermal pistol. The tape protects the product from moisture and dust. The packed horrobut has light weight and is comfortable with manual loading.

The low-pressure grading tubes (low-pressure polyethylene) of the light type are designed to store the information security and low-volume electrical connections of the hidden type, in monolithic concrete, to cover the walls in the walls, or to stretch the floor from the non-gate materials.

Used in the construction or renovation of offices and accommodation, production and administration of health and childcare facilities.

The characteristic of the TFG is resistance to moisture and temperature between -40 and +90 °C, impact resistance, ageing resistance. Allows to bend to a minimum radius equal to three diameters of the pipe used. The convenience of the cable is ensured by an umbrella.

The two-pipes are designed to protect power cables, information and signal lines, as well as communication lines against mechanical damage and environmental aggression.

Broadcasting pipes are used in the construction of bays in concrete and underground communication, in the transport infrastructure for road construction, in the HFC, electricity and telecommunications.

The two-pipes IEKO will mount the cable track fast, reliable and affordable. In addition, products have two important advantages:

- The ring rigidity of the tube is 12 kPa, which allows it to be operated safely at high ground loads, road surfaces and airport airstrips, instead of asbestos cement pipes.

- An additional 40 mm diameter tube type is included in the IEKOH range. This product has been very demanded in the Russian market, but is still not adequately represented, and GK IEK has placed the extended nomenclature of such products on the market.

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