Плохая прокладка кабеля по

Cable In Ceiling

Electrical connections are mostly installed during major repairs. This task must also be accomplished in the construction of a new building. There are several implementation options depending on the construction material. One of the most effective solutions is the laying of power cables behind the hinged ceiling by the following advantages:

  • Due to the lack of need for wall fragmentation, this work is much easier and faster;
  • For the same reason, the customer will be cheaper;
  • The wiring wiring shall provide easy access to the cable replacement;
  • The probability of damage to the power cab during the subsequent separation work is reduced.

This task is not recommended on its own, especially in the absence of the necessary qualifications. This work will best be done by a master specializing in electrical installation and with appropriate training. If you live in Moscow or St. Petersburg, you can use the help of YouDo.

Protection for power cables

Carbon the ceiling is in fact an open way to mount. According to technical standards, the wire must be concealed. One option is used:

  • Metalized or plastic sleeves;
  • Steel pipe;
  • Plastic electric tube;
  • Korob, he's a cable-canal.

The wiring is also possible with the use of cells and slaughter. That's the perfect way to build wood. We should use the WVHC cable. The section diameter of the cab shall be calculated on the basis of the total power consumed by electrical equipment in the room. The fragmentation of the ceiling shall not be permitted, the wires shall be fixed to the ceiling by means of metallic brackets or inchestras and by other attachments. The wallet should be carefully performed so as not to damage the protection components or the power cable itself.

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