Электромонтаж. Основные

Cable Laying Rules

During the renovation of the apartment or house, the question usually arises as to how to correctly replace the wiring. If you want to do it on your own, you need to know all the subtle things. correct wiring

As in the rest of the work, the installation of the electrical wire begins with planning, which is based on the principles of convenience and safety. Most of the plan ' s work is focused on security, because electricity, something where negligence is unacceptable.

Work must be literate and careful, which will save problems and protect your home. A clear plan must be followed at all stages of work.

правила монтажа электропроводки

Consider the main points taken into account in the development of the plan.

No. 1. Rosettes, calibres and separation boxes should be installed in easily accessible, serviced and repaired sites.

No. 2. The conductive elements must be closed and isolated from the outside.

No. 3. The switches shall be positioned at a height of 0.9 metres from the floor and at such a distance from the door that access to the switch is not sought when the door is open. Sometimes all switches are placed on the same side in all rooms.

No. 4. Rosettes should be installed in all rooms other than the bathroom room, only special electrical dispensaries (razor, phenome and washing machines) are allowed.

Otherwise, the pinks shall be mounted at 30 centimetres from the floor, placed in such a way that, during operation, the appliances are conveniently connected to them or on the basis of their location.

It is prohibited to install pinks at less than 50 centimetres of metals: batteries, pipes, sinks, etc. on the front walls. The rosettes are the most convenient to be mounted in the wall on both sides, through the general opening.

PEE Regulation 7.1.50. The minimum distance from lighting switches, stacks and electrostatic components to gas lines shall be not less than 0. 5 m.

In a room of 6 m2, the safety standards in each room shall be at least one rod and in the kitchen the total number shall be at least three. The rosettes must be connected to a double insulated sectioner, its position shall be outside these premises.

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