Монтаж силового кабеля: современные методы

Force Cabling

Прокладка высоковольтных электро кабелейThe use of electricity for the current time has increased significantly and this has necessitated the development of working networks. Linkages have increased demand for high-pressure power lines underground.

The full eco-safety of current types of cables for underground laying, their resistance to destructive natural phenomena, offers the possibility of replacing obsolete cables with cable. In addition, these solutions help to free the area occupied by the old airlines. In recent years, the power lines have been built from a cab, isolated by a polyethylene, with copper or aluminium housing. This has led to a significant increase in the lifetime of cable networks.

Today, the following methods of laying cable lines without the construction of tranches are used:

  • Electric cabling Underground;
  • Special tunnel cables;
  • Cable bedding (in cases of difficult local conditions);
  • Optical cabling.

Bedding by a bleaching technique is popular advanced technology. It is often used in both foreign countries and Russia. The laying of a high-voltage cable in the ground does not require the opening of the ground. But it requires special equipment and equipment.

For example, a rabid car drills the ground and forms a well on the project line, removing it at the point of origin. After this, the boreholes of the PND tubes are stored. These pipes are prolonged by an original solution developed specifically for underground drilling. Particularly effective is the blemish technique when metal pipes, plastics, with a diameter of up to 800 millimetres and a length of 20 to 100 metres are used.

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