принцип метода ГНБ, проклада

Road Cabling

бестраншейная прокладка кабеляThe shelling of the cables is currently present in virtually any project for cable electricity supply. Particularly relevant is the spraying of pipes in the city line when roads are crossed. In view of the difficult road situation with car traffic in Moscow and nearby cities, the local authorities of GHBD and the administration of the region are in agreement cabling across the road only in a rabid way, with rare local and intra-correctional roads. The purpose of the barbed cables is to produce unopened works at the intersection of highways, highway streets, etc.

Most of the work done by our organization through the GNB is precisely cable under road PND110, PND160 and PND225 for power and high voltage cables 0.4, 6, 10, 110, 220, 330 kV.

DN-Stroy has unique experience in the construction of 14 PND160 tubes in one beam at a depth of 21 mm long, 140m, and 8 PND160 pipes at a depth of 19 metres long, 350 metres.

or cabling across the road A horizontal drilling method in Moscow is performed according to the following regulations:

  • Information message No. 522 of the ISS of the Mosengergo branch office of 31 March 2005.
  • Decision of the Government of Moscow of 3 August 2004 No. 530-P.S. Microtonneutral communications and reconstructing pipelines with special equipment
  • Decision of the Government of Moscow of 7 December 2004 N 857-PP approving regulations for the preparation and production of land works, construction and construction sites in Moscow (amended on 12 April, 14 June 2005)

and other instruments.

Carbon shell for private customers.

Put the cable under the road or other obstacle is best placed in a polyethylene pipe with a diameter of 63, 90, 110 or 160m. For these purposes, a compact but powerful installation of a managed Ditch Witch P-80 is used. The characteristics of the work of the facility are addressed in the section on the road.

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