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Pué Cable

2.3.136. When crossing the cable lines of rivers, channels, etc., the cables shall be stored mainly on sections with bottom and shores which are not easily blured (see 2.3.46). When cabling through rivers with fragile rocks and shores prone to laundering, the bottom decking of cables must be done in accordance with local conditions. The project defines the depth of the cables. Cables are not recommended in the areas of bays, docks, havanes, ferry crossings, as well as winter regular parking of vessels and barges.

2.3.137. Sea-based cable lines should take into account the depth, speed and patterns of water displacement at the crossing point, the dominant winds, profiling and chemical composition of the bottom, the chemical composition of the water.

2.3.138. Cable lines shall be carried out at the bottom in such a way that they are not weighted in non-regions; the sharp projections shall be removed. Drums, stone ridges and other submarine obstacles on the track should be circumvented or include tranches or passages.

2.3.139. When crossing the cable lines of rivers, channels, etc., the cables shall normally be deep down at least 1 m in coastal and small-sea areas, as well as on navigable and alloyal routes; 2 m when cable oil lines are crossed.

In water bodies where long-distance work is periodically performed, cables shall be deep down to the bottom of the mark determined in consultation with water transport organizations.

In the construction of cable oil-filled lines 110-220 kV on navigable rivers and channels to protect them from mechanical damage, it is recommended that trenches be filled with sand bags with a subsequent outline of stones.

2.3.140. The distance between cables deep in the bottom of rivers, channels, etc. from the width of the watermelon to 100 m is recommended to be taken at least 0.25 m. The newly constructed submarine cables shall be located at a distance from the existing cable lines of at least 1, 25 water depths calculated for the multi-year mean water level.

In water, low-pressure cables at a depth of 5 to 15 m and at a current speed not exceeding 1 m/s, the distance between individual phases (without special phase anchorages among themselves) is recommended to be taken at least 0, 5 m and the distance between the extreme cables of parallel lines is not less than 5 m.

For submarines at a depth of more than 15 m and at a speed of more than 1 m/s between individual phases and lines, the project shall be adopted.

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