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Television Cabling

# Electricity on the house # Electric repair
Hello, friends! For your services, skilled electrical units. We're repairing and replacing electricity in apartments and offices. All types of electrical installation. We work not on quantity but on quality with the guarantee.

List of main works.

1 - Electrical installation in the apartment (partial or complete replacement of the electrical connections in the apartment).

2 - Electrical connections in the kitchen (transport and installation of additional pinks according to the kitchen furniture plan).

3 - Transport, installation and replacement of the power shield.

4 - Spraying of concrete and brick walls under the wire.

5 - Carbon TV, telephone, force, audio/video.

6 - Electrical connection.

7 - Electric shield assembly.

8 - Compilation of necessary electrical installation materials.

9 - Removal of skilled electrical installation errors from the developer (electronic shielding, electroconduct diagnostics, etc.).

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