Подсоединение кабеля к базе

Telephone Cabling

Прокладка тел. кабеля и интернет Первая БуроваяThe first burial company provides blank furnaces by GNB in the construction of fibre-optic lines (VOLS) and linear telephone lines.

Horizontal directed drilling is used when crossing the following obstacles:

  • Rivers, lakes, agricultural land;
  • G/road, roads, tramways;
  • At airports, under runways;
  • Environmental protection

zeitge10_10Polyethylene tubes are slacked, the number of PND63, PND110 or PND160 can reach 24 stacks, the depth of the shell up to 25m, the length of the closed transition to 820m.

At the end of the closed transition, polyethylene pipes shall be installed in the telephone wells of the ironbethon. Depending on the number of PND tubes, the type and dimensions of the well from KCS-1 to KCOP-5 are selected. In order to prevent water from entering wells and polyethylene pipes, reinforced water insulation of wells is carried out.

After plumbing by neb, beans shall be extended for further extension of telephone cables.

If you're interested in laying telephone lines under the ground by procrastination, stacking telephone cables, stacking cables and Internet using the GNB, sliding the cables under the ground without opening the ground, putting the optics on, call, we're always happy to resolve all your questions.