Как используется бронированный

Underground Cable

TopCabel, delivery of cable and wired products from the availability and under orders, prices and cable discounts, specify to company managers.

The cable in the land is necessary to transfer electricity from electricity sources to the end-user. Regardless of the designation of the cables in the ground, you must carry out the cabling and installation strictly in accordance with PEP and PUE.

Best decision for your station!

For cable to land It is recommended to use the armoured BBSHV and BBSHW because the cable is securely protected by a steel tape against accidental mechanical damage and rodents. The armored power cable doesn't need to be in the pipe.

Councils and recommendations for the placing of an armoured BBSHV or BBSHW on your lucky subdistrict underground (cable in the ground).

1. You need to pick and mark a cable trail.
Recommendations: The cable track shall not be near the roots of the big trees (not closer to 1 m) as well as in high ground loads (car parking, etc.) If you're going to lay some cable lines, or there's already an underground functioning cable line, try to make a marking so that the tracks don't intersect, and make sure there's no future cable route to other engineering networks. If the track is parallel to the foundation of the house, the minimum distance between the track and the foundation is 60 cm. You can't lay cable under the foundation.

2. Once the trail is marked, the tranche must be dignified.
Recommendations: The depth of the cable tranche shall be at least 80-90cm (if you still decide to carry a cable under your car park or across the road, the tranche shall be made at least 1, 25 m in depth)

3. The tranche must be purified of foreign objects
Recommendations: All large and small objects of natural and temporal origin must be removed from the tranche (camps, branches, debris, etc.)

4. We're making a pillow.
Recommendations: The pillow is a layer of sand in a trench depth of 10 to 12 cm. The cushion sand is used by anyone, make sure that the layer of sand closes the bottom of the tranche to the recommended depth.

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