гдз по истории 7 класс

Classification Of Electrical Appliances

The electrical appliances can be classified according to the following:

Measurement method;

the value measured;


The degree of accuracy;

the principle of action.

In the form of the measured value, the electrometric instruments differ:

For voltage measurement (voltmeters, milliVtmeters, galvanometers);

To measure the current (amperms, millimetres, galvanometers);

for power measurement (vatttmeters);

for energy measurement (electrical enumerators);

To measure the angle of the phases (phase);

· To measure the current frequency (frequencies);

for the measurement of resistance(s) etc.

Depending on the type of measured current, constant, single-phase and variable triphase currents differ.
To the degree of accuracy, instruments are classified into the following precision classes: 0, 05; 0, 1; 0, 2; 0, 5; 1, 0; 1, 5; 2, 5; and 4, 0. The accuracy class shall not exceed the relative error of the instrument as determined by the formula:

where A is the reading of the instrument to be checked; is the test instrument reading; is the maximum value of the measured value (measuring determination).
Depending on the principle of action, several systems differ electrometers♪ The instruments of one system have the same principle of operation.

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