Великолукский «Завод

Electrical Equipment

The Kazan Electrical Unit has been operating in the Russian market for over 12 years. The company ' s mission is to address the needs of clients in an integrated manner through the development and implementation of new technological solutions in the areas of electricity and power-protection equipment. We are distributing skilled technical personnel, production base, necessary equipment and equipment.

KOTO has established production of Bulk Integrated Transformation Substances (beth and xendwich-panels), Broadcasting Substances, BPM-BM (Malogabile BCTVs), PKT(G) (industrial or urban type, NTP)

The Kazan Electrical Unit is an exclusive official dealer of the Ural Transformation Plant, Uralsk, Republic of Kazakhstan, and delivers transformers such as TMM, TMI, TC, TC, TPL.

CEPT is the official dealer of the NYCON Condensing Plant, which is produced by the UCM, AUCM (reactive power compensation) capacitors to increase the power factor, power capacitors, assimilation capacitors for asynchronous engines, compensating the capacitors for light-technics that KEDO is establishing in-house.

TETO is an exclusive official dealer in the Republic of Tatarstan and provides a power-protection unit for MESAN, which is now the most demanded market-based analog that meets the quality of all customer requirements. Under the terms of the dealer contract, the prices of the said products are similar to those of the direct supplier.

The Kazan Electric Vehicles Authority has extensive experience in cooperation and delivery of products to the regions of the Russian Federation (Republic of Bashkortostan, Samarsk region, Permsk region, Republic of Chuvasia, Republic of María El, Belowgorod region, Kraj Kraj Kraj, Republic of Komi and many others).

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