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Programme Transformator Calculation

A programme that enables impulse transformers of two-stroke converters to be calculated.

ExcellentIT has a fairly convenient graphic interface: all information is provided on one work window divided into three parts: initial data, transformer design and magnetic wire. This software works with two-stroke bridges, half-seaters and push-pull power converters. It is proposed that a single polar be chosen with an average point, twopolar with an average point and a bridge straightening. All conversion and stitching schemes used are presented in the annex.

Essential software applications include the calculation of consumables and dimensions transformer capacitythe power of loss in the magnetic line, overheating of the magnetic wire, the CPA, moisture and induction of the primary wet, consumption currents, the number of turns of the wet and the size of the wires, taking into account the effects. The programme also determines the induction of the demoduscular throttle in the design of the converter. The programme may include a type of magnetic wire, its form (E, ER, ETD, EI, R) and material (Epcos, TDK, Ferroxcube, CosmoFerrites, Kaschke, etc.). In addition, it is possible to independently define the magnetic wire data (provision, section area, window area, etc.) and to replenish the existing base with a new type of product.

Other functions excellentIT include the possibility of selecting the wiring standard, setting the desired wiring size, including/removing the calibration mode, helping with the entry of primary data (inductions based on frequencies, determination of open canal resistance, current density, etc.).

Some fields of entry of primary data and windows with calculation results are provided with flashing clues. Some of them repeat aid sections. Annex excellentIT allows data to be introduced as whole or as rubber cells. In the event that the parameters go beyond reasonable limits, the programme warns the user with the reasons for the error. All the results can be kept in the file.