Рис. 4

Pressure Transformer Pattern

Схемы соединения измерительных трансформаторов напряженияThe one-phase voltage transducer pattern is shown in Figure. One, a. The protectors FV1 and FV2 protect the high voltage network against damage to the primary body of TV. FV3 and FV4 (or automatic switches) protect TV against loading injuries.

Interconnection of two single-phase power transformers TV1 and TV2 into an open triangle (figure 2). Transformers are switched on two interphase voltages, e.g. UAB and UBC. The pressure on the secondary circuits of the TV is always proportional to the interphase stresses on the primary side. The load(s) shall be applied between the secondary circuit wires.

The diagram allows all three interphasing voltages UAB, UBC and UCA (not recommended to add the load between points a and c, as the transformers will leak an additional load flow causing greater error).

Rhys. 1. Scheme of inclusion voltage transducer

Rhys. 2. Interconnection of two single-phase voltage transformers into an open triangle

Схема включения измерительного трансформатора напряженияThree single-phase voltage transducers in the star in Figure. 3. is intended to generate voltages for phases relative to land and between (line) voltages. Three primary tvs are connected to the star. Each L-wear shall be joined by the respective line phases and X shall be combined into a common point (N1 line) and grounded.

The voltage transducer (TV) shall be energized for each primary rim with the electric transmission line (LEP) voltage relative to the ground. The ends of secondary PM (x) are also connected to a star whose neutral N2 is connected to a zero load point. In the present diagram, the primary urea neutral (N1) is rigidly linked to the land and has zero potential, the same potential will be N2 neutral and associated load neutral.

Rhys. 3. Arrangement of three single-phase voltage transformers into a star

Under such a scheme, phase voltages on the secondary side correspond to phase voltages relative to the primary land. The grounding of the neutral primary wet of the voltage transformer and the presence of zero wire in the secondary circuit is a prerequisite for the production of phase voltages relative to land.

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