Трансформатор ТВ-3Ш

T-3Sh Transformer

Схема одного из каналов усилителяIn the creation of this forcer, the aim was to make as simple as possible a design with good parameters and a decent design suitable for repetition by starters. Only ready-to-mouth (network and weekend transformers, drossels) of last-century light bulbs are used in the assiliator.

The schema of one of the powerer channels is shown in rice. 1. The input signal shall be sent to the volume regulator R1 and further through the C1 condenser to the VL1. The 6G1P pentod was chosen for economical reasons (the bulb pump flow is 180 mA), non-deficiency and decent parameters (this lamp was used in microphone applications).

Rhys. 1. Arrangement of one of the powerer channels

Элементы усилителяWith the R3 load receptor through the C4 condenser, a reinforced signal is received at the VL2 output cascade control grid. VL2 operates with automatic shifts, but its cathode chain has a current source on the RC142EN5B (pressure stabilizer + 5 V). The entry of the stabilizer is connected to the removal of the filament lamp, and a thin R9 surge is connected to its exit. With the resistance of the refrigerator 100 Om, the flow of the VL2 lamp is 50 mA. The application of the current source has improved the linearity of the frequency of the booster.

The SA1 switch in the VL2 power circuits allows for the switching mode of the lamp - pentaneous or triodal. In the foam mode, the maximum output power of the force is about 2 W at load 8 Om in the operating frequency band of 120 Hz. .25 kHz -3 dB. In the three actuator power, at least 1 W at load 8 Om and page 40 Hz. .12, 5 kHz at -3 dB. In addition to differences in the electrical characteristics of the modes, the soundness also differs significantly.

The force is assembled on a chassis, which is a steel frame of 240x150h x54 mm, attached to a steel sheet of 240x150x0, 7 mm, which pre-cuted the necessary openings for the installation of a radio camp, network and network. Discharge transformersfor ventilation. The spikes of the sheet and frame are carefully washed, cleaned and packed with a polyester car cap, after which all the chassis is loaded and painted with automobile emalia (Figure 2).

Монтаж усилителя силитель в сборе