Чертеж: Трансформатор

Tms 1,000

Power oil transformers 630/6(10), TMZ 1000/6(10), TMZ 1600/6(10), TMZ 2500/6(10)

The power oils, which lower the three-phase double-tracks, with the protection of the oil, transformers ranging from 630 to 250 kVA voltage to 10 kV, are intended for transformative substations of the interior and outer unit.

The power transformers of the TEM are produced by the primary wetness (high voltage) of 6 or 10 kV and secondary wet (low voltage) voltage of 0, 4 or 0, 69 kV.

In order to control the voltage of the TEM transformers, a high voltage switch of 2.5 per cent is fitted with a ± 2 x 2.5 per cent of the nominal value, with the disconnected transformator from the NH and HH. The switch is connected to the high voltage rim.

Conditions Transformator MK

High above sea level - up to 1,000 m. ambient temperature: for a moderate climate - from -45 °C to +40 °C (Suppl.) for cold climate - from -60 °C to +40 °C (HL implementation). Relative air humidity - not more than 80 per cent at +25 °C. TMM transformers are not designed for work: in an explosive and aggressive environment (containing gas, evaporation, high concentration dust, etc.); Vibration and shaking; with frequent power outlets up to 10 times per day.

TMZ transformers

TMZ transformers are welded, rectangular. Radiators are used to increase the cooling surface.

The lifting of the tank and the transformator of the TMZ shall be carried out for the holds placed under the top of the tank. In the lower part of the tank wall, there is a flow of oil, a tap (probe) for sampling, a bolt of ground.

The active part of the TEM consists of a magnetic wire made of cold PV steel, wet and high voltage switch.

TMZ transformers are aluminium.

GN and NN external installations, removable, portable pharmacists. A special contact clamps with a scapula shall be fitted to the upper part of the pushing rod to connect the flat tyre. The injections are located on the narrow walls of the tank.