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It's almost impossible to survive without electricity. Every day, we use electrical appliances and we can't do anything without wires and cables.

The connecting wire of the PIP is a combination of copper housing of the small and medium section (each of which is isolated), scattered between itself and covered outside of the PVC.

Long-term in-service, it is correct for at least 10 years if the operating conditions are in accordance with the instructions. In the medium climatic zone, the maximum hot summer and minimum cold winter temperature is well maintained.

One of the most important advantages of using FAR is the shell. It's made of fire-fighting material that can't be burnt during the fire in the room.

Where does the PIP apply?

The PBC is designed to provide electricity in electrical appliances and tools. For example, IFOR wires are used in the provision of electricity to residential premises (equipment of vacuums, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners and other electrical appliances), horticulture and gardening appliances, small mechanization and other similar devices. The ABC is also used to create long-range stitches where the voltage reaches 380 Volt and 380/660 Volt systems.

The IFOR wire can also be used for the interior wiring in different buildings and premises. To this end, there is a need for multiple copper lodging of wires in the connection of the pinks or dispensaries.

Air Force Production His design.

The Cable of the Air Force consists of four parts: the conductive housing, insulation, the shell and the scrub.

1. The conductor ' s housing is a copper, round wire belonging to Class 5 on GOST 22483.

2. The insulation of the PIP consists of the plastics of any colour to the choice of the buyer.

3. The cloth is scrubbed isolated copper housing without a filler. It is possible to squeeze the insulated flats of five-way wires around the heart.

4. The FAR shell consists of Plastics of PVC and is so constructed that the intersections between the dwellings are filled, this makes the EMU wire round.