Трансформатор PS40

Transformer For 12 Volts

The moderator linearly reduces the output voltage and reduces the output flow. The power source is made of aluminium hull, ventilated. Under the correct installation and conditions of use, the power supply is up to 300 to 400,000 hours. When selecting the power source, 20 per cent of the power supply shall be retained.

is designed to connect to the household electric grid of the light-band and light-bulbs. The transformer reduces the DC voltage to 12v. Thanks to the steady pressure that can be achieved by using the transformer, all light-bearing devices connected will be fully guaranteed, which in some models can reach 50,000 hours.

The required power of transformer 12 volts is determined as follows. The power of all 12v light sources to be connected to the transformer shall be secured. Furthermore, 20 per cent should be added. The minimum power of the transformer to be used is calculated.

  • Make sure the power source is ventilated correctly.
  • Define the power source.
  • When two or more power sources are installed, the distance between them shall be not less than 25 mm.
  • Before activated, it shall be ensured that the output load does not exceed the nominal load.
  • Operating temperature range from -30° to +45°C
  • Per year from manufacturer

Led Rus has a wide range of dietary options in its range, including transformer 220 12which is widely used together with all possible light-blowing equipment. In the event of questions relating to goods in this category, company specialists would be happy to help you. The section describes all communication possibilities.

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