Сварка: трансформатор или

Transformer Or Inverator

Внешний вид платы Telwin Force 165 с обозначением элементов схемыInvertible welds are now very popular and affordable. And despite their positive qualities, they, like any other electronic device, sometimes fail. In order to repair the welding machine inverter, at least a superficial knowledge of its device and its main functional units is needed.

In the first two parts, TELWIN Tecnica 144-164 will be described. The third part will consider the actual repair of the TELWIN Force Weld Inver 165. Information will be useful to all those starting radios who wish to learn to repair the invertible welds themselves.

There's gonna be a lot of letters, you'll get patience.

Sam. inspection weld The machine represents nothing but a powerful power unit. On the principle of action, it is very similar to impulse power blocks, such as AT and ATX power blocks. You'll ask: "What are they like? It's completely different devices...Термопредохранитель на радиаторе диодной сборки The similarity is the principle of energy conversion.

Main phases of energy conversion into an inverted welding apparatus:

  • 1. Direction of the AC voltage of the power grid 220V;
  • 2. Conversion of constant voltage to high frequency variables;
  • Фильтр ЭМС3. Lower high frequency voltage;
  • 4. Direction of low-frequency high voltage.

It's short, so to speak, on your fingers. The same change occurs in impulse power blocks for PK.

I'm asking, why do you need these bubble paws? Here's the thing.

Previously, the main element of the welding machine was a powerful force transformer.Импульсный понижающий трансформатор He lowered the AC voltage of the power grid and allowed the secondary vaporization of the huge currents (tens - hundreds of amper) needed for welding. As we know, if we lower the voltage on the secondary rim of the transformer, we can also increase the current that can load the secondary wet. The number of spindles of the secondary was decreasing, but the diameter of the rim wire was also growing.

Due to their high power, transformers operating at 50 Hz frequency (this is the electric power grid AC) have very large dimensions and weights.

Invertorous welding machines have been developed to address this gap. By increasing the working frequency to 60-80 kHz and above, the dimensions and consequently the weight of the transformer were reduced. With the increase in the working frequency of conversion, it is possible to reduce the transformer by two times. This reduces the weight of the welding apparatus, as well as the saving of copper and other materials for the manufacture of the transformer.

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