Измерительный трансформатор

Measuring Voltage Transducer

Принцип работы измерительного трансформатора напряженияSpecial varieties of steel for the magnetic conductor, as well as metal of their washing and insulation, shall be collected for the most accurate conversion of the voltage with the lowest losses. The number of turns of the primary and secondary rollers shall be calculated so that the nominal value of the high voltage linear voltage of the network on the primary wet is always reproduced by a secondary value of 100 volts with the same direction of the vector for systems collected with ground neutral.

If the primary energy transfer scheme is insulated neutral, 100/G3 volts will be present at the outlet of the measurement.

In order to create different modelling techniques for primary voltages, the magnetic circuit may be equipped with a few secondary circuits rather than one.

Измерительные трансформаторы напряжения 110 кВTN inclusion schemes

Measuring transformers are used to measure linear and/or phase primary values. For this, the power racks shall include between:

  • line wires to control line voltages;
  • The tyre or wire and the ground to remove the phase.

An important element of the safety of the measuring voltage transducers is the grounding of their hull and the secondary wet. He has been given increased attention, as the primary-wagon insulation of the shell or secondary circuits will provide high-volume potential to traumatize people and burn equipment.

The intentional landing of the shell and one secondary wash placed this dangerous potential on the ground than prevents further development of the accident.

1. Forced equipment

An example of the connection of the 110 kilowalt voltage gauge is shown in the photo.

It is indicated here that the power line of each phase is connected with the response to the conclusion of the primary washing. its transformer.placed on a common ground-based ferrobet foothold, rising to a high-safe electrotechnical personnel.

The tube of each measuring TN with the second primary vent is grounded directly on this platform.

Схема включения измерительного трансформатора напряжения в ячейке 10 кВ Схема включения одного ТН для контроля междуфазного напряжения Схема включения одного ТН для контроля синхронизма напряжений Схема включения двух ТН для контроля синхронизма напряжений