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Pressure Converters

The sustainability of energy converters to ferroesonans has been a long-standing issue, but has gained significance only in recent years, as reflected in the introduction of the new term " anti-resonance " in GOST 1983-2001. voltage transformer" .
Normal electromagnetic TNs are not anti-response and are often damaged for this reason. In order to improve their reliability, electromagnetic anti-resonance TNs have been developed and produced in Russia for almost all voltage classes. However, they also have shortcomings, so that it is not necessary to stop, Mihail Haimovich Zieherman believes. Its material not only reflects today ' s production of anti-resonance TNs, but also presents challenges for the future.

TN 3-35 kV

The electrouses of these stress classes in Russia usually work with an isolated neutral. Ferroesonan processes in such networks can only develop in zero. At the same time, the entire network is resonated. Interfacing voltages remain unchanged and only phases are distorted. In order to compensate for the losses in the zero channel, a source of energy is required, which is not in a normal symmetrical mode. For this source to emerge, non-symmetry is necessary, ignorance of the insulation, rupture and wiring of wires, as well as the non-symmetry of conductances on the land of the transmission lines or separate phases of the TN, in varying degrees of saturation, the magnetic wire has become a saturation. The damages from the ferroresonance are limited to ground-based TNs which control the isolation of the land. The high damage caused by these TNs has led to the transition from conventional TNs to anti-response with the retention of all previous functions. The industrial production of electromagnetic anti-resonance TNs began in Russia 20 years ago with the emergence of a three-phase oil transformer NAMI-10-U2. Since then, the range of anti-resonance TNs 3 to 35 kV has expanded considerably.

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