медный кабель екатеринбург

Cabel Ekaterinburg

Since 2003, our company has been the official representative of the Moscow-Fujikura factory.
We regularly update and expand the range of fibre optic cables and fill its residues in the warehouse so that our customers can buy optical cable on favourable terms.
Since 2016, we've started shipments from a self-propelled optical FTTH production cabbage of "Juskabel."

The optical cable may also be made in a protective hose from a self-containing material that does not spread combustion, the so-called non-combustible casing. Such a non-combustible optical cable has an additional LSZH, LSHF, and is used for laying inside buildings.

Production single optical cables and Multimodal wholesaleICF production is used by foreign leading firms, including the optical fibre of the Japanese firm Fujikura Ltd. All optical cables certified by the Ministry of Communications and Information. There is a certificate of compliance of the quality system with ISO 9001-2001 GAS R.

Before buying fibre optic cable, it is necessary to understand what is needed and what parameters are to be taken into account in the purchase.

First, all cables are different from each other with the type of fiber. There are two main types: one-one fiber, one-singed. Optical cableand multimodal, they make multimodal optical cable. These cables differ in the diameter of the heart of the fibre and the distance to which the signal can be transmitted. In a single cable, a signal can be transmitted hundreds of kilometres, while in a multimoded area, it's only 2 kilometres.