Схема прокладки проводки под

Cable In The Floor

The electrical connections on the floor are not easy, but they are popular lately. Some choose this method because of the savings of materials in electrical installation, others because of the aesthetic component, because all wires end up hidden from the eye. In any case, the cabling in the floor is performed either at the construction stage or during the major repairs, as this work needs to be carried out before the flooding. If the electrical connections are to be installed in the floor after the tilt, then the cab kits will have to be installed, which is a very labour-intensive process that can only be performed by an experienced professional.

Sex electrical connections

Any electrical installation, be it in the bladder, under the ceiling and elsewhere, has its specific features that need to be known before starting to work. In the case of a cable On the floor, the following can be considered:

  • The wire shall be flooded in a stretch of several centimeters;
  • Gorothrum can be used to protect cables;
  • The wires shall be located 20 cm from the walls and 15 cm from the edge of the door;
  • If the plug is not provided, the cable is not laid on the floor;
  • If the thermal floors are also to be installed, the electrical pipes shall be located as far as possible from the heating elements.