Кабель для теплого пола купить

Cable Production Plants

Производство кабеляThe business is the heart of our enterprise. Work is continuously under way to improve and upgrade equipment, which will not only comply with the required technologies and maintain the quality of products at the required level, but also increase the number of products produced annually. At present, the most popular ERW and AVG power cabs are produced in the enterprise, as well as various wiring stamps: LO wire, ALA. Implemented production of cables WHng, WNG-LS and NYM (NUM) Cabel is supplied in bachts packed in thermo-seater polyethylene film and wood drums.

Products are certified and conform to the GOST and the industry TC and may have different enforcement options. In the near term, the release of screened wires has already been fitted with TMG-LS, TMVP, FR. A new production line has been launched, which significantly increases output. The line is equipped with import controls (model sensors, frequencies) that allow both greater reliability and improved quality control.

We propose:

  • optimum production time;
  • Development and delivery of cable products by the customer ' s technical assignment;
  • Manufacture of cable-conducting products according to special requirements of the dilemma;
  • a flexible approach to pricing;
  • Continuing availability in the warehouse of the main range;
  • The shipment of products is carried out under both the conditions of self-export from our warehouse and by rail or road;
  • Quality services and rapid maintenance;
  • integrity and trust in business.
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