Прокладка кабеля в земле

Cable In Land

Products and services Discuss the article "Calling and stacking the cable on the good precinct"

We know we should dance from the oven. Which means, for starters, we'll figure out what's left to electrify. It's important. Because if you have a two-stage stone cottage standing on the ignition, never watered, and all the work on the site is limited to the hair cut, there's one solution.

If, for example, a marshmallow space with close groundwater reservoir, and you want to power a wooden bath where the souna electron is installed, and on the site you're spraying the ground with a tractor, the solution will be different. However, in both cases, no cables were used.

We'll look into the process of selecting the cables in step.

Selection of guide material

Copper prefers aluminium. It has greater conductivity and less corrosion. In addition, compared to copper aluminium is imperfect and a few bends can just break. The negative characteristic of aluminium is also its rapid oxidation in the event of contact with air, the result is the formation on the surface of the oxidized film.

She's not good at electricity, which means she's not making good contact. The place with bad contact will be warmed, sparkled, oxidized, even warmed up, and down there and before the fire. And if you don't want to repeat the story of the cathouse, you're gonna have to periodically check the aluminium attachments to the electrical appliances.

In the case of aluminium stacks, there is another weakness - low turnover. As a result of this aluminium slips out of the clutch, weakening contact. Thus, aluminium wires in the distribution boxes and other devices where the enclosures are used also require periodic inspection and fire.

In addition, when aluminium is contacted with copper, a galvanic couple is formed in which aluminium is destroyed by electrosion. Which leads to an additional deterioration of the compound. And we have just talked about the results of this phenomenon.

Cable section selection

Cable. ♪ ♪

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