Кабельные ролики - ролики для прокладки кабеля

Liquids For Cabling

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The cable mountings shall be used in the construction (long) of the cables for the introduction of cables into cables and, by forming the cabling route through special guides, facilitate the passage of cables through the directions and connections of cable lots. Rollicles may be used for both air and underground cabling, for the installation of cables in extended cable networks, for the laying of pipes, as well as for other construction, installation and drainage.

All Telecom Company offers a wide range cableused for the suspension of the cables, wires, repairs and installation Air and underground telecommunication wire systems, piping, handling.
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The underground rolling is used to minimise the damage to the cable when it is emptied. Usually, the washing is done with a special swan. Direct rolls are used for the linen lining, to bypass the bends and to the edge of the wells - the corners. The cables of foreign firms - Vetter, Tesmec, Katimex - are offered, which are much better in quality and are less likely to break.

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