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Electric Products Legrand

Legrand (Франция)Rosettes and switches would seem to be small details of the interior. However, the right choice of these items, their quality and reliability, depends on the comfort and safety of your house.

Legrand's rosettes are a symbiosis of functionality and good design. The French company Legrand has been in the market for electrical equipment since 1886 and is firmly in charge of about 20 per cent of the world market.

Legrand's model company is almost every season, and to date, the collection of Legrand disconnects is a volume catalogue in which you find the perfect interior details for your house.

Valena's line is bright colors and special functions for every room in the house - kitchens, bedrooms, bathroom. Moda, atmosphere, classic, that's what inspired designers to create this series. Installations of ivory, metal, white colour, you can independently complete the legrand Valena colours.

Galea Life Legrand is a great variety of materials and color decisions, an inspiration that will literally fill your house with new ideas. The color of the series is from the passive to the bright vanguard. You can find a framework not only from plastic and metal, but also from wood, stone and even natural skin. Who would have thought that you could express your identity through such small parts of the interior.

The sophisticated Celiane series is rounded forms of exclusive framework for your home's exquisite design. Legrand ' s most technological series is warm-up heaters, pinks, turns, motion sensors, and state-of-the-art development -- silent, sensory and non-competitive hand switches. For each of the components, you can find your unique frame of glass, porcelain, metal or natural skin.

Legrand Cariva is a classic, relevant models that will suit each buyer. Colour gamma is greedy, different shades of white and cream, pearl and gray, and there are bright models, mat gold.

Legrand Quteo is an ergonomic design, a universal series with additional protection against mechanical damage, moisture and dust.