Провода установочные ПВ1


АПВ - купить установочный провод АПВThe installation shall be used for electrical installations in fixed positions in the lighting and power grids, as well as for the installation of electrical appliances, machines, machines and machines at rated voltage to 0.45 kV frequency to 400 Hz or constant voltage to 1 kV.

The main elements are: conductive housing, insulation. In addition, the sheath may be used.ПуВ - купить установочный провод ПВ-1 Insulation may be performed from polyvinyl chloride plastics of different colours, which has a symbol and is selected by the employer on its own.

The copper and aluminium are currently used as the material of the conductive elements. The installation copper is characterized by a lack of abbreviations (A) in the name of the abbreviation, which is due to differences in the composition of the towing housing. Demand trends over the past few years have shown a steady growth in copper products, the bulk of which is used in energy. Aluminium analogue may be used to lower the cost of doing work instead of copper if the possibility is provided for in the project.

ПуГВ - купить установочный провод ПВ-3 ПВ4 - купить установочный провод ПВ4 ПВС - купить установочный провод ПВС ШВВП - купить установочный провод ШВВП