Провод установочный ПВКВ


Installations include wires with copper and aluminium dwellings (usually one-, two- or three-personal) that are most commonly used in lighting and power networks (connection of electrical installations in fixed stacking). Also, wires in this category may be used to mount electrical equipment, plants, machines and machines (nominal constant voltage of the network up to 1 kV, nominal variable frequency voltage up to 400 Hz - 0, 45 kV).

The main elements of any installation wire - the conductive housing and insulation from the polyvinyl chloride plastic (colour and insulation is selected by the customer); the shell may be added (e.g. PHS is a single wire with a flexible honeymoon without shell, and PWV is one-, two- and three-wheeled wire).

The different wiring marks shall be issued in accordance with the requirements of GOST 6223-79 and the various technical conditions (TB 16.C80-08-89, TC 16.505.317-76, TC 16.C 13-020-93, etc.) or producer documentation. Copper or aluminium shall be used as the material of the conductors for this category of wire.

Over the past few years, the market for cable products has developed a steady trend that allows for stable demand copper cables (namely) installation wire copper is widely used, for example, in energy. Aluminium analogs are generally used to obtain budgetary decisions (exclusively where the project provides for this possibility).

In response to market demand and market trends, the leading domestic cable producer of the OAO ' s " Polescabel " , is placing quality cables and copper cables on the market. The range of installation cables is represented by more than 10 entries which differ from the number of conductive dwellings, the presence/discharge of the sheath, the design features associated with the specificity of the use of a wire stamp.

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