Standard Wire Sections

Формула площади круга

Prepared decision for section of wire

If it's hard for you to pick up a section of wires on your own, you can use my recommendation. Standard wiring shall be calculated on the maximum consumption current at a long load of 25 amper (this flow shall be fitted with an automatic switch on the entry of wires into the apartment) by a copper wire of section 4,0 mm2, which corresponds to the diameter of the wire 2,26 mm.

According to the requirements of paragraph 7.1.35., the section of the VE shall be not less than 2, 5 mm2, corresponding to the diameter of the conductor 1, 8 mm and the current of load 16 A.

How to calculate the wire section

The more water is needed, the bigger the diameter needs a pipe and a tube. The greater the current consumption of electrical appliances, the more the wires in the cable should be.

What's the line on the wire and how to figure it out? If you eat the wire and look at it from the thorac, you'll see the wire, that's the area of the thorn, that's the area of the circle and that's the wire section. The greater the diameter of the circle, the greater the section of the wire and, consequently, the wire is capable, by heating to the acceptable temperature, of delivering a larger flow.

As can be seen from the formula, the section of the cable wire (round of circle) is easily computed to its diameter. Suffice the diameter of the wires, multiplied by 0,785.

Let's look at the example of a wire-diameter transfer. There's a 2 mm diameter wire. We shall calculate its section: 2 mmx2x0, 785=3, 14 mm2.Кабель ВВГ This calculation is not necessary and rounded to the whole number, the 2 mm diameter section is 3 mm2. The conductor ' s diameter can be determined by means of a shuttle with an accuracy of 0, 1 mm or a micrometer with an accuracy of 0, 01 mm. If there's no instrument in the hand, then the normal line will be removed.

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