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1a2a.jpgIn order to increase the reliability of electricity supply, self-propelled insulated wires (SIPs) are used in the transmission and distribution of electricity in power and lighting networks. Compared with conventional air power lines, the lines using self-propelled insulated wires of the SIP have a number of advantages:

  • Absence of herders and detention facilities;
  • Insulation on pushing conductors;
  • Enhanced mechanical strength;
  • Simulation and repair, including under voltage;
  • Reduction of operating costs;
  • reduction of line losses due to reduced reactive resistance due to the minimum distance between the conductors, which is limited to the thickness of their isolation
  • reduction of unauthorized connections, etc.

This has led to a significant increase in the reliability of consumer electricity supply and lower operating costs. Which, in turn, determines the high cost-effectiveness of using isolated wires in dispensaries.
SIP wire design:
The insulated wire (SIP) consists of one or more aluminium aluminium housing. The CIP wires are multi-layered, with the exception of CIP-1, 16mm2.
In the CIP-1 and SIP-2 lines, the role of the cable is self-propelled zero. There is no cable in the CIP-3 and SIP-4 (SIP-4s) wires, where they themselves have characteristics sufficient for the untouchable. SIP-1, SIP-2
Standard: TC 16.K71-268-98
SIP-1, SIP-2:
1. Aluminium, multi-volume, sealed.
2. Aluminium alloy or steel, multi-wall, sealed, uninsolved.
3. Insulation from thermoplastic secularized polyethylene (LDPE).
Standard: TC 16.K71-268-98
1. Aluminium, multi-volume, sealed.
2. Zero insulated living from aluminium alloy or steel, multi-wire, sealed.
3. Insulation from the secularized schematic polyethylene.
Standard: TC 16.K71.272-98
1. Multiplying wire housing:
- from aluminium alloy or aluminium wire reinforced with steel wire.

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