Electroquebelle Colchugine Factory

kolcugino-zavod.jpgName of enterprise: Electro-Culchugian launch.
Country: Russia
Address: 601785, Vladimir Valley, Kolchugino, Carl Marx, D. 3
Telephone, fax: on the manufacturer ' s website.

The Colchugian factory is located in the centre of Russia in a small town of Kolchugino with a population of some 50,000 inhabitants, more than 150 km from Moscow.

The history of the Elektrocabel plant is rooted in the far 19th century and is linked to the names of the Russian buyer and the industrialist, Alexander Grigorievich Kolchugin, founder of the Latunaut and Medicine Companies.

The official date of the Kolchugin plants is 6 May 1871. That is when the Moscow buyer of the first Guild, A.G. Kolchugin, purchases from the villagers of Vasilevsky Mitkova land from the paper factory of the P.P. Solovieve buyer.

The Colchugian factory is open to cooperation by the EEO, and attention is paid to improving the service and to creating the most comfortable customer service environment. The existence of its own warehouse base allows for the continuous availability of the most appropriate nomenclatures produced.

The activities of the plant are not limited to industry alone. The principle of social responsibility, which is guided by the Electricity, is primarily aimed at supporting and developing the social sphere and protecting the environment.