Как создать измерительный

Measuring Instruments

Psychometric booth with self-writers - geography and thermographer

On a special site, the so-called " vegetation-free site " , the temperature of the soil surface and the different depths are observed.

Urgent, minimum and maximum thermometers are used to measure soil surface temperature. In winter, these thermometers are on the snow.

Maximum, minimum and urgent naval thermometers (on snow and soil surface)

Meteorology measures not only the temperature of the soil surface (the temperature of the stiff surface) but also the temperature of the soil at the depths. There are special devices, thermometers of Savinov and the extractive thermometers.

Deleted saturation for " access " to thermometers

Savinov poster thermometers

Surveillance of Savinov ' s thermometers is carried out only at a warm time because of their fragility, they are set at depths of 5, 10, 15 and 20 cm. Installation of thermometers, like other instruments, is carried out by the special state of affairs and " Instruction: " Our irreplaceable engineer for the meteorological instruments Grigori Mihailović Gilyaev. We note that all instruments are checked annually at the Centre for Metrology and Standardization. And if the readings of the instruments are deviated from the reference, amendments shall be made. All thermometers on the site are directed on the side of the world (east-west).

Measles to determine soil depth

Each meteo station is continuously equipped with snow raids for winter. We've got four of them on the floor, three for the snowmobile, and one for the scumbag.


The snow gauge is designed to measure the height and mass of the pole emitted. It consists of a non-replaceable part and a metal cylinder for snow sampling and volume determination. Snow density is determined by mass to volume ratio.

Snow raids - portable and stationary

Any meteo station has a high mast. She is. Wind measuring instrument - Wilda's flüger. There are two types of flugers at meteo stations: one with a heavy board, one with a light. Two flugers with different boards can measure different wind speeds. With a light dose, the flange may measure speed to 20 m/s, with heavy to 40 m/s. Since the wind in Orenburg is rarely more than 20 meters (average speed of about 4 m/s), we have only a flange with a light dose at the station.

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