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Pressure Measurement Instruments

Цифровые и стрелочные вольтметрыTo measure the current source voltage or EDF, a measuring device is called Voltmeter♪ It is connected directly to the conclusions of the voltage source or load by means of the endurances. In the form of voltmeters, there are shooters and digitals. Different devices are used to measure constant and variable voltage. There are also universal, which can measure both the variable and the constant voltage without switching modes, such as the E533.

Положение переключателей вольтметра при измерении напряжения 220 ВThe voltage is permanent and variable current and is measured in Volts, marked B (in Russian) or Latin V (international symbol). If the AC voltage is in front of the letter, the sign is "~," if it's permanent, the sign "R." For example, the variable voltage of the household network 220 Volt is summarized as follows: ~220 V or ~220 V. On batteries and batteries, when labeled, the sign "-" is often down, it's just numbers.Как снимать показания вольтметра со шкалы стрелочного тестера The voltage of the beard of the vehicle or battery network is defined as: 12 V or 12 V and batteries for flashlight or camera: 1, 5 V or 1, 5 V. The hull shall be marked with a positive " + " mark on the hull.

The polarity of the variable voltage changes over time, e.g. the voltage of the household network 50 times per second (the frequency of the change is measured in the Germans, one German equals one variation in the polarity of the voltage per second), the polarity of the constant voltage does not change over time. The AC and DC voltages therefore require different currents measuring instruments

How to measure the electrical voltage of the household network

According to the requirements of GOST 13109-97, the current voltage in the electrical network shall be 220 V ± 10%that is, it can vary between 198 V and 242 V. If the apartment has been stunned or often overburdened, domestic appliances have become unstable, measures must first measure the electrical voltage.

Измерение стрелочным тестером напряжения батарейки Положение переключателя в мультиметре для измерения напряжения